Friday, 8 April 2016

SAVE OUR SEAS - Logo Design


The First Draft


 Well, this is probably the most personal project of my portfolio. But before I'm going into detail and get emotional let me mention the facts. This is a project where I had a try at 
logo design. The whole thing is made up so there is no company, brand or campaign I was designing the logo for. I am showing you the whole process from the moodboard to 
possible merchandise. Even though I know I still have to learn sooo much regarding to logo design I really like the results and I would love to use it in reality and not only leave
it as a fictitious project. 
So now to the personal part. What inspired me / motivated me to design a "SAVE OUR SEAS" logo? Well, I think a lot of people know already that I'm obsessed with the ocean. It 
has something magical, it calms me, makes me happy and helps me to think clearly again. Long story short, I feel home and the most comfortable when I am close to water. Therefore 
the past year has been super special. I spent almost all time pretty close to the ocean and for 4 months, it's been my backyard, office and playground. Almost every day I saw dolphins,
whales, seals or even turtles. I built such a strong relationship with this environment, and the ocean became more and more important for me. 
Travelling to Bali has been also a dream for a couple of years and so I made it come true. It was awesome. Lovely people, stunning nature and all in all such a good experience. But there
was one thing that actually shocked me even though I heard of that problem before.  They have a huge problem with their waste disposal. Rubbish was everywhere. Next to the road, on 
the beach and in the ocean. Sure, there are some parts that are luckily a little bit cleaner due to the tourism, but you'll definitely notice that problem when you go to Bali. Once I wanted 
to walk on the beach to watch the sunset, but I had to watch my steps because otherwise I would have cut my feet on all the plastic rubbish that was laying around. This made me really
sad. On another day I was passing an artwork from Stuart Smythe and I read the hashtag #saveourseas beneath it. And that hashtag stuck in my head for days and became my main 
inspiration for that project. 

So, long story short: don't leave your rubbish on the beach or anywhere else but the garbage can because nature doesn't need people - people need nature!


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