Monday, 4 January 2016

Bali - Ubud


My second stop in Bali was Ubud. Together with a girl I met in my first hostel we decided to join a bicycle tour. This was one of the best things 
I've done in Bali. Sure it's just a tour on a bicycle but it's just the perfect way to see Bali. 

A driver picked us up early in the morning from Canggu and it took us maybe 90 minutes to get to Ubud. On the way we also 
picked up some other people and our guide for the day. He calls himself BOB, Bali on Bike. He is such a lovely and funny character 
like most of the Indonesian people I've met. 

First thing on the shedule was a visit at a coffee plantation. It was impressive, seeing how coffee grows and how they 
actually make coffee out of these beans. They also had loads of other plants and herbs. We ended the visit with a coffee and tea tasting 
and Balinese pancakes for breakfast. Yummy! 

After that we jumped back into the car and drove to a little lookout where we had an amazing view. We also started our bike tour from that 
area. Luckily it was mostly downhill which made it quite easy to keep up with our guide. Every now and then we stopped and he was telling 
us stuff about rice, their culture and their religion. That was so interesting. When I first came to Australia I was 
living with some Hindus that's why I was quite curious. I think it's such a peaceful and nice religion. 

The bike tour took us around 3 hours. In the end we stopped at the guides home for a home-cooked lunch. The food and hospitality 
were amazing. It was such a good way to end this day trip. After the driver dropped off everyone else he drove me to my new 
home for the next 4 days. It was a hostel that is a little bit our of the centre of Ubud. Hidden but it's
clean, calm and had a pool which is essential. Days and nights in Bali just feel like a constant sauna. And during midday all you can do 
is stay in or next to the pool. 

And that's what I mostly did in the following days. In the afternoons I got lost in the streets of Ubud, hiked 
along rice fields, got a massage and bought some stuff at the market. 

I liked Ubud but I kinda imagined it differently. When I thought about Ubud I only had yoga, rice fields and good food 
in my mind. Sure you'll find all of that but also crowded streets, crazy traffic and .. surprise.. loads of tourists. After 4 days I had 
enough and I was missing the ocean so I decided to go back to Canggu.      

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