Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sydney from a ferry


I miss Sydney a lot. It's been my favorite city so far. I mean it's not the best place in Australia but Sydney feels almost like home. And the proximity to the ocean makes it just perfect. Maybe it's also just because it was the beginning of that huge adventure and due to my good organisation everything worked out perfectly. Well, travelling long term is different and again we can't tell what we're going to do next week. We're totally living in the present which is actually not bad at all. But every now and then anxiety makes it way to our perfect adventure. Recently I read a nice text about long term travelling by Claire Alice Young. "Travelling long-term is exhilarating, but it’s also an emotional roller-coaster. Some days you’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been, but others you might feel really sad. Sometimes sad for no reason, or maybe you’ll be feeling homesick, other times you’re freaking out that you’re not doing what society says you should be doing and you feel like a bit of a waste of space. This lack of ‘purpose’ can be difficult. In our normal lives we are so consumed with work, both for money and for love. While travelling you’re stripped of this superficial purpose we’ve become so accustomed to." This definitely describes it perfect. And everyone who was travelling for more than a couple of weeks knows what I'm talking about. Well, enough of bad vibes. I'm fine anyway. All I want to say is that travelling is not always as beautiful as the pictures we take along the way. However, enjoy the photos I took from the ferry.  

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