Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Summer in the City - Square Wave Shooting

 Better late than never. Finally, I can show you my photos I took for Square Wave's Online Shop last summer.
It was a super fun shooting and the weather was just perfect. Models are Philipp and Antonio. Thanks again!!!

Monday, 12 September 2016

If I were


These video clips have been on my computer for over a year now. In the past days, I finally managed to make a little film with them. So here it is. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, 9 September 2016


Summer captured with a disposable camera
shitty quality but good memories

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Netherlands

 Land of bikes and canals ♥ 

Delft - The Hague - Amsterdam

Thursday, 18 August 2016

My Tools of the Trade for Graphic Design

Now that I am more and more into graphic design, I thought I show you what I use most of the times to create some of my work. By the way, if you're interested in my 
graphic design work, you can check out my design diary on tumblr: mariascherliesdesigndiary.tumblr.com
So here we go!

1) Sketchbooks

Having a sketchbook as a creative head is quite essential. So many ideas in your head but in the next second they are gone. So it really helps to visualize them or at least 
write them down. Sometimes you're so obsessive with a specific idea but in that moment it doesn't work out but maybe 2 months later when you look through your sketchbook,
 you can work on it from another perspective. It's also so much easier to visualize your first drafts through sketches than in illustrator.
So yes, always have a sketchbook with you. Or like me, have tons of different ones (none of them is full haha) I really love the Moleskine ones but I think they are quite pricey. I 
also have one from Clairefontaine and some from a german craft store called "idee.". 

2) Pens

1. Brush with water reservoir medium & large from Caran d'Ache // 2. Brush pen from TIGER - to be honest those brush pens were quite cheap so they are not really good I'll get some new ones soon // 3. Black Fine Marker from 
Woolworth // 4. White gel pen from uni-ball Signo // 5. daVinci brush size 2 - series: Harbin-Kolinsky brushes // 6. Stabilo fine tip pen 0.4 // 7. Standardgraph Tec Pen 0,3 & 0,5 // 8. Farber-Castell pencil 5B // 9. Ikea pencil - lol 

The second most important thing, of course: pens. And yes, you really know you're into graphic design and that stuff when you get excited about buying new pens. Haha. I 
prefer black fine tip pens. But I also use soft pencils for rough sketches. Some specials I really don't want to miss anymore are my brushes and my white gel pens. 

Aaaand I love pretty pencil cases. 1. My favorite one is from Ikea. I got it for under 1 Euro and I still hate myself for just buying one haha. //  2. & 3. I bought them from the TIGER store. 

3) Paper

Then, of course, you need paper. Actually, you could only work in your sketchbook. That would be ok as well. But for example tracing paper is perfect for transferring your sketch 
to your computer and work on it digitally. You can get clean and sharp outlines and no distracting shades and lines from your sketch. I also use watercolor paper and normal 
cartridge paper. But use whatever works best for your idea/project and sometimes experimenting with paper is quite fun and interesting as well. 

4) Digital Work

The next step is to transfer your work from paper to your computer and give it the final touch. For that, you can either use a normal scanner, if you have one OR you 
use your smartphone. I'm too lazy to use our scanner so I always use my "TinyScanner" App. There are plenty of free apps. You take a photo of your sketch (it works best 
when you traced it with black ink) and edit it so there is a higher contrast. After that, all you need to do is to send it to yourself via email. And et voilĂ , it's ready for Illustrator, 
Inkscape (which is the alternative free version) or whatever program you prefer. 


So that's more or less everything. Sure it really depends if you're just starting out, like me, or if you're already professional. Then you might use different materials, more 
expensive pens and so on. I would love to hear what you use for your graphic design projects or if you have any nice pens or brushes you really like.